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Paris gets the new Singapore Airlines A380 Suites from July 2020

Paris is next for Singapore Airlines' latest A380 cabin products - from July 2020

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It’s been a while since we had any news of the latest Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 cabin products rolling out to new cities on the network. With the glacial pace of older aircraft refits (only one has been achieved so far this year), the list hasn’t been getting much longer in recent times.

Mumbai flights benefited from September 2019, with the first aircraft refit, and Tokyo services are also set to switch across from January 2020 once the second aircraft ‘under the knife’ emerges.

SIA’s latest A380 Business Class seat. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

The latest route

Now we have confirmation that Paris is the latest addition to the list, with another refitted aircraft supporting daily services with 2017 Suites and Business Class seats from 1st July 2020.

Paris (Soroush Karimi).jpg
Paris is the latest route to get Singapore Airlines’ new A380 cabin products. (Photo: Soroush Karimi)

Singapore Airlines has now loaded the new aircraft type into the schedules, so you’ll see these brand new configurations on the seat map when you book or redeem this route from July 2020 onwards.

Remember a 1-1 seat configuration on the A380 with just six seats in total is the giveaway in Suites Class, while in Business Class if row 97 exists, you’ve got the latest seats.


The schedule

Here is how the daily A380 flight between Singapore and Paris is scheduled, with summer 2020 timings (these alter slightly in the winter season).

Until 30th June 2020
Flight From / To Aircraft Seats
SQ336 SIN0015 – CDG0735 388 2006 R / 2006 J
SQ335 CDG1200 – SIN0650* 388 2006 R / 2006 J

* Next day

From 1st July 2020
Flight From / To Aircraft Seats
SQ336 SIN0015 – CDG0735 388 2017 R / 2017 J
SQ335 CDG1200 – SIN0650* 388 2017 R / 2017 J

* Next day

The A380 Version 3 remains flying this route until the end of the published schedule, into the winter 2020/21 period in November, so this looks to be a permanent fixture.

Your new seat map on SIA’s A380 Paris flights from July 2020

The Paris route usually shifts to a 10x weekly Boeing 777-300ER service in the winter season, however schedules now reflect once daily year-round A380 Version 3 operation from July 2020.


Mumbai loses out

If you were looking to secure one of the new Suites or Business Class seats on the Singapore Airlines A380 currently flying the daily Mumbai route as SQ423/SQ424, unfortunately that flight will revert to the older A380 Version 2 from 1st July 2020.

That’s to support these daily Paris flights, which require more than one A380 to operate. This suggests one refitted aircraft and the one formerly used for daily Mumbai services will be used.


In case you missed them, we have comprehensive reviews from our firsthand experience of both the 2017 Business Class and 2017 Suites Class on the new Airbus A380 right here on the site.



Those will help you learn what to expect from these new products if you haven’t flown them before. For the most part, you’re in for a treat!

Redemption rates

Here are the one-way redemption rates you’ll pay by cabin class on the Paris route, in either direction, using the KrisFlyer programme for a full flight redemption.


KrisFlyer Redemption Singapore ⇄ Paris
Saver Advantage
Economy 38,000 70,000
Premium Economy 64,500 n/a
Business 92,000 120,000
First / Suites 125,000 220,000

If you already hold or intend to book a firm ticket in an eligible booking class, here’s how many miles it will then cost you to upgrade, assuming saver upgrade award availability in your proposed cabin class.

Upgrade using KrisFlyer miles
Singapore ⇄ Paris
Upgrading to 2013 W (Singapore Airlines).jpgPremium 94A_2Business 1A Seat 2.jpgFirst / Suites
Existing booking
Economy Standard
(Class: M, H, W)
47,500 82,000 Cross.png
Economy Flexi
(Class: Y, B, E)
32,500 67,000 Cross.png
Premium Economy Standard
(Class: P)
60,500 Cross.png
Premium Economy Flexi
(Class: S, T)
48,000 Cross.png
Business Standard / Flexi
(Class: Z, C, J, U)

As you might expect, saver redemptions in Suites are now very hard (in fact practically impossible) to come by on this route from July 2020 onwards.

Business Class awards on the other hand are available on some dates.



Paris is the second-longest Airbus A380 route for Singapore Airlines, clocking in at up to 13 hours 20 minutes, so it’s nice to see it added to the list of cities served with these latest cabin products installed.

The long overnight flight is perfect for fully experiencing these new seats, and we have a full guide on which of those to pick and which to avoid on the A380 Version 3 here.

Toilet 1R Vanity.jpg
Singapore Airlines’ new A380 cabins include two very large and elegantly appointed washrooms in the Suites cabin. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Despite the good news, the fact remains that we’re currently seeing only a couple of older A380s per year refitted with these seats, casting serious doubt as to whether SIA will realistically install the new cabins to all its A380s.

With 13 aircraft still to be refitted, the process would take several years at this rate, and the original plan to finish the retrofit work to all 14 older A380 aircraft by the end of 2020 is now a completely impossible schedule.

You can always check our New A380 Suites and Business Class tracker page to see exactly which flights to book or redeem with these latest seats installed, with the caveat of course that last minute operational changes can always occur.



  1. hi tried to leave comment on 2017 suites n J tracker but couldn’t find comment box, but SQ856 downgraded to 777-300 from next week already instead of Feb

    1. Yes indeed on several days they are using a 77W instead on those HKG flights due to demand, but not every day so far. They have also been sending A380v3 aircraft to Beijing instead sometimes.

      1. But I wonder when Beijing (Capital) will officially receive the new A380 cabin products. At this rate, we can expect to see the other Airbus A380s completely refitted by the end of either fiscal 2022 or fiscal 2023.

    1. As the article states:

      “The Paris route usually shifts to a 10x weekly Boeing 777-300ER service in the winter season, however schedules published at this stage still reflect A380 Version 3 operation into early November 2020.

      The winter 2020/21 schedule can be regarded as provisional at this stage, but we will be monitoring this to see what transpires. It’s possible the route might be switching to year-round A380 service.”

      SQ333/4 is dead after this winter.

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