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Qatar Airways status match success

Qatar Airways has dished out its complimentary one-year status to KrisFlyer members and others. How does it look?

QRPC Cards 2 (Qatar Airways)

Around three weeks ago, thanks to a heads-up from Australian Frequent Flyer, we revealed that Qatar Airways was offering a rare status match into its Privilege Club for frequent flyers of six airlines including SIA. With many of our readers already holding Elite Gold, PPS Club or Solitaire PPS status in the KrisFlyer programme, this was a great opportunity to pick up a year’s oneworld elite status.

From Sunday evening Qatar Airways started to email members about their successful status matches into the programme, with new Privilege Club membership tiers now valid until June 2021.

QR Status Match
(Image: Qatar Airways)

Status match emails were still coming through yesterday afternoon, though it seems almost everyone has now been informed.


The deal

Initially the offer was rolled out to frequent flyers with the following airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Etihad Guest
  • Turkish Miles&Smiles
  • South African Airways Voyager
  • Virgin Australia Velocity

Later Singapore Airlines, South African Airways and Virgin Australia were removed from the list, however all except Virgin Australia made it back onto a (regularly) extended offer (thanks to Head for Points for noticing it had returned).

Eventually the final applications were accepted on the morning of 28th May 2020 Singapore Time.

How did Qatar match your status?

Mainly Miles readers have been reporting to us the following status matches from the KrisFlyer / PPS Club programme into Privilege Club:

KF Card QRPC Card oneworld
Elite Silver Silver !OWR
Elite Gold Gold !OWS
PPS Club Gold !OWS
Platinum !OWE
Solitaire PPS Platinum !OWE

It’s not clear how Qatar Airways decided which PPS Club members would be matched to Gold membership (oneworld Sapphire) and which would be matched to Platinum (oneworld Emerald), though it seems that having some recent flying activity on your statement may have helped some gain the higher tier.

Readers using other valid frequent flyer programmes under the promotion also reported the following matches to us:

EY Guest Card

  • Etihad Gold ➔ Gold
  • Etihad Platinum ➔ Platinum

EK Card

  • Emirates Silver ➔ Silver
  • Emirates Gold ➔ Gold
  • Emirates Platinum ➔ Platinum

TK Card

  • Turkish Elite ➔ Gold
  • Turkish Elite Plus ➔ Platinum

VA Card

  • Velocity Gold ➔ Gold
  • Velocity Platinum ➔ Platinum

We haven’t heard from anyone who tried a status match from South African Airways. If you have any more data points from the above schemes do feel free to share them in the comments section.


Singapore lounge access

Now that you’ve hopefully got your Gold or Platinum status with Qatar, here’s how you can use it to your advantage to access a range of lounges at Changi before departing on on a oneworld flight.

This assumes a ‘return to normal’ with all oneworld lounges reopened and airlines back in their original locations at Changi (e.g. Cathay Pacific back at T4).

Access is based on flying Economy Class on a oneworld operated and marketed flight (e.g. Malaysia Airlines Singapore to Kuala Lumpur under MH flight code).

Lounge QRPC Card
Gold Platinum
Entrance SignQantas Business
T1_ Tick Tick
Dining BarQantas First
T1_ Cross Tick
EntranceBritish Airways
T1_ Tick Tick
Noodle Bar 5Cathay Pacific
T4_ TickDeparting CX only TickDeparting CX only

In all cases you’ll be able to bring a guest with you into the lounge, provided your guest is also departing on a oneworld flight number.

Note that once Cathay Pacific returns to T4 and reopens its lounge there, you’ll only be able to visit this facility if you are departing from T4 (i.e. on Cathay Pacific, since there are no other oneworld airlines there).

It is not possible to visit T4 unless you are departing from there, however passengers departing T4 can visit T1/2/3, which means those flying Cathay Pacific can utilise the T1 oneworld lounges.

One lounge you unfortunately won’t be able to use with your newfound Qatar Airways status is the airline’s excellent new Premium Lounge at Changi’s Terminal 1.

Dining Table
Qatar’s Singapore Premium Lounge. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

This is strictly reserved for those flying in Business or First Class with a oneworld airline and there is unfortunately no access based on frequent flyer status alone.


Doha lounge access

If you’re flying through Doha in Economy Class with Qatar Airways, you’ll be eligible to access:

  • Gold: Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge (+ 1 guest)
  • Platinum: Qatar Airways First Class Lounge (+ 2 guests)

Note that these are not the normal lounges used by Qatar’s Business Class passengers (Al Mourjan Business Lounge) or First Class passengers (Al Safwa First Lounge). These only operate for passengers actually travelling in premium cabins.

However Qatar Privilege Club Platinum tier members flying in Business Class will be able to access the Al Safwa First Class Lounge, with two guest passes provided.

QR Al Safwa (Qatar Airways)
Qatar Platinum members can access the Al Safwa First Class lounge in Doha when flying in Business Class with the airline. (Photo: Qatar Airways)

What about Silver members?

Privilege Club Silver members get lounge access when flying Qatar Economy Class in Doha, at the Qatar Business Class Lounge, plus some other airports on the network (e.g. Marhaba lounge in Sydney).

You can search here for eligibility.

Gifted Qcredits

When the status match was announced, it wasn’t clear whether those successful would receive the usual Qcredits awarded when upgrading to the Gold or Platinum tier.

In fact those matched to Platinum status should find they have been gifted 60 Qcredits, while those with Gold status have 40 Qcredits.

These are valid for 2 years, even if you don’t retain your status level next year, and can be used to:

  • Upgrade flights (e.g. Economy to Business)
  • Offset excess baggage charges
  • Pay for award fees (e.g. change / cancellation)
  • Obtain guest lounge passes

These benefits are only available when you fly Qatar Airways, not with oneworld partners.

QR Qcredits

For example, 33 Qcredits is enough to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class on Qatar Airways between Singapore and Doha (one-way), which gives you the excellent Qsuite on that route.

Seat 4Jv2
33 Qcredits is enough to upgrade from Economy to the Qsuite from Singapore to Doha. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Bear in mind however that it is very difficult to get a Qcredit upgrade on the Singapore – Doha route, so you can’t expect it to work except on the emptier flights.


How to keep your new status

As part of this promotion Qatar Airways also halved the number of Qpoints you need to accrue to renew your status level for another year.

QR Status Match Upgrade

The Qcalculator on the Qatar Airways website allows you to determine how many Qpoints you’ll accrue when crediting Qatar Airways or oneworld flights to the programme by adding your Privilege Club frequent flyer number to your revenue booking.


As you can see a return Business Class flight with Qatar Airways from Singapore to Paris and back puts you well on your way to renewal in the Gold tier, even if you secure one of the cheaper saver fares in a promotion.

Note: The Privilege Club site is still showing the regular Qpoints thresholds to retain your status (600 for Platinum, 300 for Gold). This is presumably an IT issue and may be resolved later.

Now for the slightly complicated bit. Simply crediting your revenue flights with oneworld airlines over the next year to your Qatar Privilege Club account isn’t enough to cross the threshold and renew your tier for a further 12 months, to June 2022.

For status retention or upgrade you must have flown at least four Qatar Airways marketed or operated flights (or accrued at least 20% of the required Qpoints on Qatar flights) during your membership year to be eligible.

QR 787 In-Flight 2 (Boeing)
You’ll still have to achieve some paid Qatar Airways flying (or QR-coded flights) to renew your status for a second year under this deal. (Photo: Boeing)

That may be difficult to achieve over the next 12 months, so don’t necessarily count on an easy renewal.

Soft landing?

Qatar Airways has an informal ‘soft landing’ policy for its Privilege Club members, leading many readers to ask us whether their Platinum status will soft land to Gold status for the June 2021 – June 2022 period, even with no activity.

Ordinarily if you earned your Qatar Platinum status through flying with the airline and its partners this would be the case, however under this offer you must renew by achieving the reduced Qpoints thresholds shown above, otherwise you will return to Burgundy (basic) membership in June 2021 regardless of your status match tier.



There will be some disappointment among many PPS Club members who have been matched to Qatar’s Gold level, however this still gets you access to up to three very nice lounges at Changi when departing on a oneworld flight, once travel starts to pick up hopefully later this year and well into 2021.

Those with Platinum status should definitely be looking at using the Qantas Singapore First Lounge, though it may not reopen until 2021.


Even if it means booking an inexpensive Malaysia Airlines Economy Class flight to KL, or redeeming some Avios or Asia Miles for a route like that, it’s definitely worth doing to experience the excellent Neil Perry-inspired à la carte dining.

Let us know in the comments section below whether you got your status match and from what tier level you applied, regardless of which frequent flyer programme you used.

(Cover Photo: Qatar Airways)



  1. Hi , just a question, what about any lounge access for silver status holders? I do saw there should be some sort of lounge access from the list of sliver status. Thank you.

    1. QRPC Silver members get lounge access when flying QR Economy Class in Doha, at the Qatar Business Class Lounge, plus some other airports on the network (e.g. Marhaba lounge in Sydney).

      You can search here for eligibility.

    1. To be fair I think expecting Platinum match from Gold was optimistic, but at least you tried!

      You should probably keep QRPC Gold just in case you can use the 40 Qcredits for an upgrade or something.

  2. Is there a typo there?
    “It’s not clear how Qatar Airways decided which KrisFlyer Elite Gold members would be matched to Gold membership (oneworld Sapphire) and which would be matched to Platinum (oneworld Emerald)…”

    I thought it should read “…which PPS Club members would be matched…”

    On a separate matter, wouldn’t flying a SIN-CDG return via DOH count as 4 flights (SIN-DOH, DOH-CDG, CDG-DOH, DOH-SIN) for renewal? Or it doesn’t work that way? Sorry I am less familiar with this program!

    1. Thanks typo corrected! Should be referring to PPS members there.

      Yes correct SIN-DOH-CDG return would give you 4 sectors on QR, enough to satisfy that element of the renewal requirement, but assuming you got a promo / saver fare you’re still 30 Qpoints short for Gold renewal in year 2 unfortunately.

      Return Economy to HKG on CX should then get you over the line, but the question is how much are you wanting to spend to secure another year of OWS?

      1. Haha yes those are valid considerations in a program that I personally feel doesn’t offer much incentive to be in!

      2. I applied for the matching based on the info here. They got back very promptly but said the self printed KF statement has no name. Emailed them with a photo of screen but they replied they reserve the right to reject. After that it was silence for more than 10 days. I gave up but inspired to ask CX for a status match unsolicited.

        CX came back promptly and offered silvered and asked for ticket number of my next booking. I do have some miles with Marco Polo / Asia Miles. Recent ticketed trip to USA on CX was cancelled due to covid-19.

        While thinking whether to reject the CX offer, the email from QR came in and offered Gold.

        I hold KF gold since its inception. Is a shame KF does not have lifetime miles like NH or UA. Last year was matched to NH Platinum to took some NH flights with very good free upgrade to premium economy.

    1. Thanks David. What was the tier you matched from if you don’t mind me asking?

      As for the physical cards I don’t know unfortunately, but you can almost certainly get virtual card through the app.

  3. its a FAKE, I am KF gold, nothing happen, they email back asking funny question. they just want travelers info and understand the travel market on frequent travelers statistics.

    U hav to enroll to b their member, after u done. They will reply u asking the same 2nos requirement.

    Photo of your present card and last 2 myths travel.

    dun waste time…

  4. Hi Andrew I was was match to gold from krisflyer gold and the indicated that privilege club pack will be send to the registered address and they also attach a new card on the reply email.Thanks for the info

  5. Hi Andrew
    MY PPS Status was only good for QR GOLD…My travel in 2020 was January to Melbourne and return to Singapore on Suite then MArch Just before Malaysia enforeced MCO was to Tokyo on same class as well…perpelexed why Qatar Airways offer only GOLD status…BTW Q miles is not as great ,IMHO

  6. After seeing about this status match from QR here, i applied for the same on May 23rd and unfortunately I havent heard back from them since. Any idea if this will take longer?
    I am a KF Gold member, but last travel was in Feb 2020 ( like most of us).

  7. Hey. I got a status match from Emirates Silver to Qatar Silver. Just thought I would mention it since you didnt have it in the Emirates section

  8. Also got a match from KF gold to QR gold, expiry date June 2021. For reference, I applied on 18 May and got a response 8 June.

    Have got a QR business flight booked for the end of the year (LHR-DOH-SIN return) but am beginning to think that it’s more worth it to credit the flight to BAEC to help with attaining BA Silver even with the reduced requirements for QR Gold renewal? Would be grateful if you’ve got any views on that!

  9. Having successfully gotten Platinum for myself based on TPP status, I just got the email that Mrs. WBT now also has been matched to Platinum based on the TPP spouse card! So now we’re double OWE, but to be honest, I don’t know yet how we’re going to use it. Would have been handy a year ago when we had to fly AA…

    Thanks again!

    1. Great news congratulations and yes – I hope you actually get to use it over the next year.

      The QF First Lounge at Changi is worth an MH Economy jaunt to KL in my opinion, assuming it reopens.

  10. I forgot when I applied – I think not too long after your first article in regards to this subject. I only received email notification yesterday on June 17 for a successful status match (KrisFlyer Elite Gold to Privilege Club Gold), together with 40 Qcredits. As you mentioned about system glitch on QR website, it’s stated that I need 600 Qpoints for platinum and 270 Qpoints are required to renew QRPC Gold membership, not halved as mentioned. That’s weird – where 270 Qpoints came from instead of 300? LOL.

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