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Ten new cities added to SIA’s transit flight approval at Changi Airport

China, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong are now valid departure points for SIA Group transit passengers booking flights through Changi

Changi T3 Transit (CAG)

Earlier this month Singapore Airlines was granted approval to start flying transit passengers through Changi Airport under a special arrangement overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority. Initially this was permitted on a one-way basis for those originating in one of the airline’s current Australia and New Zealand destinations.

That was quite a limited selection of seven cities, so the actual number of transit passengers passing through the airport so far has been small.


More countries are now approved

Good news is that passengers flying on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Scoot originating in the following countries are now also eligible to transit through Changi with immediate effect:

  • China (incl. Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan)
  • Japan
  • South Korea
Tokyo Shibuya Crossing (Denys Nevozhai)
Those originating in Tokyo can now transit through Changi to any SIA Group flight. (Photo: Denys Nevozhai)

That opens up itineraries from the following ten cities to transit through Changi on an SIA group booking:

Valid Origin Points: SIA Group
(for transit through Changi)
City Airline
Australia Adelaide Kris Yellow
Brisbane Kris Yellow
Melbourne Kris Yellow
Perth TZtrans
Sydney Kris Yellow
China Chongqing Silk Bird Green
Guangzhou TZtrans
Hong Kong Kris Yellow TZtrans
Shanghai Kris Yellow
Taipei TZtrans
Japan Osaka Kris Yellow
Tokyo Kris Yellow
New Zealand Auckland Kris Yellow
Christchurch Kris Yellow
South Korea Seoul Kris Yellow