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Which airlines are flying out of Changi in September 2020?

Over 30 airlines are planning passenger flights from Changi Airport in September 2020

Despite wide-ranging international border restrictions and only a handful of people eligible or able to travel as a result, 33 of the usual 70 airlines at Singapore Changi Airport are still providing at least a skeleton passenger operation in September 2020, keeping essential cargo flowing and helping people return home if they need to.

This month however we’re starting to see a less ambitious increase in services, with flight volumes hovering at around 5-6% of usual levels and some airlines, including Lufthansa, scaling back flights having found their original plans were probably a little over-ambitious.

Some airlines are continuing to expand though, including Singapore Airlines and Scoot, both of whom can now benefit from increased approval to carry transit passengers to and from almost all their network points.

Here’s our monthly look at who’s flying where in September 2020.


Singapore carriers

First of all, here’s the schedule for our four ‘home’ airlines this month.


Jetstar Asia has been operating limited passenger services to and from Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur since 21st April 2020 (having been completely grounded from 23rd March to 20th April).

In August 2020 however the airline added five more cities to its network, for a total of eight.

  • Bangkok (2/wk)*
  • Clark (1/wk)
  • Ho Chi Minh (1/wk)
  • Jakarta (2/wk)
  • Kuala Lumpur (2/wk)
  • Manila (1/wk)
  • Medan (1/wk)
  • Penang (1/wk)

* Singapore – Bangkok flights are cargo-only due to Thai government restrictions.

That’s a total of 9 passenger departures per week from Changi, which continues in September 2020.

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