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Latest Singapore Airlines transit approvals, including New York

SIA Group passengers can now transit to and from an extensive network of worldwide cities through Changi Airport, including New York and Los Angeles

It’s been over four months since Singapore Airlines received regulatory approval to allow passengers on selected itineraries to transit through Changi Airport. It marked the first time those on connecting itineraries had been permitted to pass through since the Singapore government vetoed both visitors and transit passengers back in March 2020.

Initially only a small list of valid origin points in Australia and New Zealand were included, however this quickly began to grow with cities in Europe and North Asia soon joining the list.

This week the latest approvals have been added, with New York the most recent city gaining origin approval in anticipation of the airline’s upcoming launch of non-stop JFK services next month.

New York will be a valid transit origin city when the first reinstated SIA flight departs there on 11th November 2020. (Photo: Jonathan Riley)

Let’s take a look at the latest lists for SIA Group transit approvals, with cities falling into one of three categories:

  • Origin-only cities
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Destination-only cities

Origin-only cities

The following five cities in mainland China are approved as origin-only points for transit itineraries through Changi Airport.

Valid Origin-only Cities: SIA Group
(for transit through Changi)
  City Airline
China Chongqing Silk Bird Green    
Guangzhou TZtrans    
Nanjing TZtrans    
Shanghai Kris Yellow    
Tianjin TZtrans    

While you can board a flight at any of these cities on a connecting flight to another point on the SIA network, you cannot fly to these airports on a transit itinerary through Changi from another country.

“Due to regulatory requirements, transfers to destinations in Mainland China are currently not allowed.”

Singapore Airlines

Origin and destination cities

The following 39 cities are currently approved as either origin or destination points for transit itineraries through Changi Airport.

Valid Origin & Destination Cities: SIA Group
(for transit through Changi)
  City Airline
Australia Adelaide Kris Yellow    
Brisbane Kris Yellow    
Melbourne Kris Yellow TZtrans  
Perth Kris Yellow TZtrans  
Sydney Kris Yellow TZtrans  
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Kris Yellow    
Cambodia Phnom Penh Silk Bird Green    
Denmark Copenhagen