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SIA boosts capacity to Japan over Christmas and New Year

Additional capacity will feature on Osaka and Fukuoka flights for a short period at the end of December

SQ A380 Sunset Landing (RHL Images)

Some changes to Singapore Airlines flight schedules to and from Japan were published today, indicating a short-term capacity boost during late December 2018 and early January 2019, with double daily A380 flights to Osaka and the Boeing 787-10 taking over from the A330 on some Fukuoka services. Award flights are loaded and availability is good.

The changes

The biggest part of the news is the double-daily operation of the Airbus A380 on the Singapore – Osaka Kansai route.

We’ve written before about A380 service to Osaka this winter because the capacity boost represents one of the longest seasonal periods of superjumbo operation on that route in 2018/19, spanning a full 5 months from 28th October 2018 to 30th March 2019. The news meant over 700 saver Suites were available on the SQ618/619 SIN-KIX A380 flights last time we checked.

While for the rest of the winter season the Boeing 787-10 operates the other daily Osaka rotation (SQ622/623), this flight is also being up-gauged to the A380 for a 9-day period from 26th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019.

Osaka Schedule

Edit 16th October 2018: Singapore Airlines has brought forward the start date for temporary A380 operation on SQ622/623 to 8th December 2018.

From 26th December 2018 8th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ618 SIN0130 – KIX0845 388 Daily
SQ619 KIX1110 – SIN1710 388 Daily
SQ622 SIN1405 – KIX2120 388 Daily
SQ623 KIX2330 – SIN0540* 388 Daily

* Next day. Outside these dates the 787-10 operates the highlighted flights.

Even better for those looking for a Business Class redemption, the second daily service SQ622/623 over this 9-day period will be operated by an A380 Version 2 in 12R 86J 36W 245Y configuration (i.e. 86 Business Class seats, occupying the entire upper deck). The existing A380 flight (SQ618/619) uses a Version 1 aircraft in 12R 60J 26W 333Y config (i.e. 60 Business Class seats).

2006 Suite 2 (Singapore Airlines).jpg
The 2006 Suites on the A380 may not be SIA’s latest product, but it is still a very comfortable route to Japan and back. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

That means there will be not only 24 of the 2006 Suites flying between Singapore and Osaka each day during the capacity increase, there will also be an incredible 146 of the 2006 Business Class seats too.

2006 Business Class on the Singapore A380. (Photo: Edwin Leong)

In addition the daily Singapore to Fukuoka rotation, normally operated by a 285-seat A330 with the older 2009 Regional Business Class will be flown by the larger 337-seat Boeing 787-10 with the new 2018 Regional Business Class seats between 27th December 2018 and 4th January 2019. We reviewed that product earlier this year.

Fukuoka Schedule

Edit 16th October 2018: Singapore Airlines has brought forward the start date for 787-10 operation on SQ656/655 to 9th December 2018, with permanent operation using this aircraft type from that date. See our article here.

From 27th December 2018 9th December 2018 to 4th January 2019
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ656 SIN0120 – FUK0820 787 Daily
SQ655 FUK0950 – SIN1535 787 Daily

Outside these dates the A330-300 operates the highlighted flights.

Fukuoka flights will feature the Boeing 787-10 with the new Regional Business Class seats over the Christmas and New Year period. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Award availability

The new aircraft types for these flights have been loaded into the reservations system and with the increased capacity comes generally good saver award space, for now at least. Here’s what we found in terms of immediately confirmable saver award seats.

Fukuoka (SQ655/656)

27 Dec WL NA
28 Dec 1 NA
29 Dec WL NA
30 Dec 4+ NA
31 Dec 4+ NA
1 Jan 3 NA
2 Jan NA NA
3 Jan NA NA
4 Jan NA WL

WL – Waitlist, NA – Not Available

Saver award availability in Business Class on the Fukuoka 787-10 flights is rather constrained – not a seat to be had between Fukuoka and Singapore while on the northbound routing only 4 days have availability (though some of those have at least 4 seats available, and would get you to Japan in time for new year).

Osaka (SQ622/623)

Business Suites
26 Dec WL 3 2 2
27 Dec WL 4+ 2 2
28 Dec NA NA 2 2
29 Dec WL 4+ 2 2
30 Dec 3 NA 2 2
31 Dec 4+ 4+ 2 2
1 Jan 4+ 1 2 2
2 Jan 1 4+ 2 2
3 Jan 4+ 4+ 2 2

WL – Waitlist, NA – Not Available

Two Suite redemptions are available on this new A380 Osaka flight across all dates in both directions. Availability in Business Class is generally good, with 4 or more saver awards immediately confirmable on many dates, though there are a few days with less availability or nothing at all.

Miles rates

As per our award prices by route table, it’ll set you back 43,000 KrisFlyer miles for a saver one-way redemption to or from either Osaka or Fukuoka in Business Class. For the Suites cabin to or from Osaka it’s 65,000 miles.

If saver availability is an issue on the dates you need, you’re looking at 70,000 miles for Business or 115,000 miles for Suites for a one-way advantage redemption.


A nice capacity boost for Singapore Airlines Japan flights at the end of the year, giving you more opportunity to secure an A380 Suites redemption. There are also some of the newer 2018 Regional Business Class seats on offer to Fukuoka.

SQ A380 (Kentaro Iemoto).jpg
Singapore A380. (Photo: Kentaro Iemoto)

The beauty of the later A380 Singapore – Osaka flight featuring a Suites cabin during this period is that it is an afternoon flight giving you a full 6 hours 15 minutes to enjoy the excellent dining and service without wasting any time sleeping.

(Cover Photo: RHL Images)


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