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Singapore Airlines Fleet: October 2019

SQ Aircraft T3 (BK Tan)

(Cover Photo: BK Tan)

Singapore Airlines welcomed three brand new aircraft to its fleet in September 2019, a Boeing 787-10 and two Airbus A350-900s, the latter pair arriving almost in formation from Toulouse on the same day.

When those A350s entered commercial service on 18th September, also in close formation within less than an hour of one another, they marked a shift change for SIA we all knew was coming.

The Airbus A350 now represents the largest in-service fleet in the airline, a status it is now likely to retain for at least the next decade.

In other news we finally got word that the second A380 to be refitted with the latest 2017 cabin products is due to rejoin the fleet as early as this month. It will be used to give the other A380 Version 3 aircraft some breathing room for the latter part of the year before supporting daily Tokyo services with the new seats from January 2020.

There were 132 registered aircraft in the Singapore Airlines passenger fleet as reported by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on 30th September 2019. Here’s how the aircraft are distributed across the fleet, which are in active service and which are set for disposal.


Headline numbers

Here’s how the Singapore Airlines fleet totals looked on 2nd October 2019.

CAAS Database: 132
For disposal: -5
In Service: 127
In maintenance, or delivered but yet to enter service: -4
Active: 123

The official registered aircraft data in combination with analysis of actual flight movements over the last few weeks allows us to determine the actual ‘in service’ fleet of 127 planes at 2nd October 2019, 123 of which are currently active.

Click here to see the official CAAS list of registered aircraft in Singapore at 30th September 2019.

Singapore Airlines Fleet at 2nd October 2019

This table shows the Singapore Airlines fleet including how many of each aircraft type are legally registered (‘Registered’), available to the airline (‘In Service’) and currently operating revenue passenger flights (‘Active’).

Registered In Service Active