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Extended: 9 mpd at KrisShop via Kris+ for up to 15.5 mpd in total till 30 June

Make KrisShop transactions via the Kris+ app right through to the end of June and earn 9 mpd, plus up to 2.5 mpd bonus from your KrisShopper status and 4 mpd from your credit card, for up to 15.5 mpd in total.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Earlier this month Kris+ launched another 9 mpd bonus earn rate for those making KrisShop purchases through its mobile platform, which meant clocking a total of 13 mpd when you paid using the right miles-earning credit card, an excellent rate if the item you wanted was already good value.

Even if you were eyeing a product at KrisShop that was priced a little higher than it was on other sites, it was worth calculating whether the miles accrued were worth more than the cost difference.


Even better, when KrisShop launched its KrisShopper loyalty scheme last week the earning increments for members, most of whom are automatically status matched from their respective KrisFlyer tier, meant total accumulation of up to 15.5 mpd was possible via Kris+, when using a 4 mpd card to pay.

9 mpd offer extended

Originally set to run from 7th April 2022 to 30th April 2022, Kris+ has now extended its 9 mpd offer for those making KrisShop purchases through the app by two months, to 30th June 2022.

You can find the link to the KrisShop catalogue via the Kris+ homepage on the mobile app.

You can access KrisShop from your Kris+ app homepage

That means you can continue to earn 9 mpd for the non-GST component of available products via the app, in addition to any credit card points you’ll accrue for the total purchase amount.

Status match for up to 11.5 mpd

If you haven’t done so yet, you can status match from the KrisFlyer programme to KrisShop’s new loyalty scheme KrisShopper between now and 30th June 2022, to unlock a higher earn rate for KrisShop purchases than the usual 1.5 mpd you’ll earn when purchasing directly at


Here’s how that looks, for those linking their KrisFlyer and KrisShopper accounts, with matched membership tiers valid for 12 months.

KrisFlyer > KrisShopper status match

KrisFlyer Status KrisShopper Status KrisShopper
Tier bonus
Member + 0.5 mpd
Elite Silver
Insider + 1 mpd
Elite Gold
Icon + 1.5 mpd
PPS Club /
Solitaire PPS
Ambassador + 2.5 mpd

You must also subscribe to KrisShopper’s newsletter at the point of registration, to enjoy the status match.

The tier bonus shown in the table applies on top of the base rate for earning at (1.5 mpd), so basic KrisShopper members will earn 2 mpd (1.5 + 0.5), right up to 4 mpd for Ambassador members (1.5 + 2.5).

What the match means for many of our readers, especially following the recent KrisFlyer ‘Earn status on the ground’ campaign, is that you’ve likely been matched (or can still match) into the Icon or Ambassador tiers of the KrisShopper programme for the next 12 months.

The great news is the bonus element of the enhanced earn rates in the KrisShopper programme stack with the the Kris+ 9 mpd deal!

What does that mean? The tier bonus you receive for being a KrisShopper member also applies on top of the 9 mpd offer for those purchasing via the Kris+ app between now and 30th June 2022, so it looks like this.

Kris+ 9 mpd earn offer stacked with KrisShopper tier bonus
(till 30th June 2022)

KrisShopper Tier Kris+ Bonus Earn Rate
+ KrisShopper Tier Bonus
Offer Earn Rate
Non-Member 9 mpd + 0 mpd 9 mpd
Member 9 mpd + 0.5 mpd 9.5 mpd
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-2-Insider-1.pngInsider 9 mpd + 1 mpd 10 mpd
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-3-Icon-1.pngIcon 9 mpd + 1.5 mpd 10.5 mpd
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-4-Ambassador-1.pngAmbassador 9 mpd + 2.5 mpd 11.5 mpd

That means even KrisFlyer basic (blue card) members who have matched into the KrisShopper Member tier are getting a 0.5 mpd bump on their earning at KrisShop via Kris+, while those in the KrisFlyer Elite Gold and PPS Club tiers, who have matched into Icon and Ambassador tiers respectively, are getting 1.5 mpd or 2.5 mpd extra on top of the 9 mpd offer.


Since your KrisShopper status is linked to your KrisFlyer number, bonus miles are included automatically at the payment stage on the KrisShop portal of the Kris+ app when you are logged on to your KrisFlyer account, once you are a KrisShopper member.

Here’s how it looks for a S$354.21 purchase of Apple AirPods at KrisShop through the Kris+ app (S$379 including GST) before the KrisShopper account link and then after my KFEG status bumped me up to KrisShopper ‘Icon’ status.


(Icon status)

Notice how as a KrisShopper Icon member I will be awarded with 3,717 KrisFlyer miles (S$354 x 10.5 mpd), rather than the 3,186 KrisFlyer miles (S$354 x 9 mpd) I was getting earlier.

Effectively KrisShop is allowing the two deals to stack (9 mpd, plus your KrisShopper status-based earning increment over non-members), which is great.

The fact that these miles increments stack automatically with the Kris+ offer means potential earning of 11.5 mpd for Ambassador members shopping via Kris+, plus up to 4 mpd from your bank when you use the right payment card, for a total effective earn rate of 15.5 mpd.

Use the right credit card for up to 15.5 mpd

KrisShop purchases made via the Kris+ app will code under MCC 5309: Duty Free Stores, and that means you can tap into some 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of credit cards, subject to their monthly requirements and spending caps.

Those miles are issued by your bank, so they come on top of up to 11.5 mpd Kris+ is dishing out with this promotion, and that means up to 15.5 mpd total effective earning on a wide range of products, including KrisShop’s electronics, wine, spirits, beauty products and SIA airline exclusive items.

Note: Total earning will never quite hit 15.5 mpd (11.5 + 4), because Kris+ is not awarding miles on the 7% GST component for any products purchased.

Here’s an example of the cards which should give you upwards of 4 mpd for KrisShop via Kris+ in-app payment transactions.

Card Mpd Monthly cap
CardDBS WWMC 4.0 S$2,000
per calendar month
HSBC Revo CardHSBC Revo 4.0 S$1,000
per calendar month
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card3-Small.pngUOB PPV 4.0 S$1,110
per calendar month
Card SmallUOB KF 3.0 No cap, subject to S$500 annual min. spend with SIA Group
KF Amex Ascend 2.0 No cap
KF Amex 2.0 No cap

Be careful not to use Citi Rewards cards to make in-app payments on Kris+, since mobile wallet payments are specifically excluded from bonus miles earning, regardless of the merchant MCC.


For example, here’s what you’ll earn using an HSBC Revolution card at KrisShop via the Kris+ app for a S$100 + GST purchase (S$107 including GST), compared to doing so directly at, for a KrisShopper Ambassador status holder (+2.5 mpd on the regular / offer rate).