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Shanghai and Zurich next to get the new Singapore Airlines A380 cabin products

Shanghai and Zurich flights on the latest A380 aircraft with the new suites and business class cabins will be added in June and July this year, after London Heathrow goes daily from April.

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Note that the information on this page has been updated to reflect the latest information on these route start dates. See our new article for the up to date schedules.

Last week Singapore Airlines confirmed that the upcoming delivery of their newest A380 aircraft, the second arriving in the new configuration, will be flying to London Heathrow 3 times a week and to Hong Kong 4 times a week from 16th February and 18th February respectively, in addition to their daily Sydney services which have been running since December.

We’ve obtained a copy of the proposed schedule for the next three aircraft due to join the fleet, and can reveal the following plan for these upcoming new A380 deliveries, which includes the next two routes the aircraft will fly on – Shanghai and Zurich.

Note that while the routes are confirmed, the dates are provisional.

  • Aircraft 3 (9V-SKW) will allow an increase to daily service on the SQ322/SQ317 London Heathrow pairing, from 5th April 2018 (6th April from London).
  • Aircraft 4 (9V-SKY) will be used to launch 4 times weekly services to Shanghai with flights SQ830/SQ833 due to operate with the new products on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 1st June 2018.
  • Zurich will follow with flights SQ346/SQ345 due to operate with the new products 3 days per week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 2nd July 2018.
  • Aircraft 5 (9V-SKZ) will allow both the Zurich route (SQ346/SQ345) and Shanghai route (SQ830/SQ833) to increase to daily operation with the new products, from 1st August 2018.

Edit 26th January 2018: Note that Singapore Airlines do not usually assign the letter ‘X’ in their aircraft registration sequence, so the last three aircraft are amended to be SKW, SKY and SKZ.

Shanghai Skyline 2
Shanghai will be the next new city after Sydney, London and Hong Kong to be served by the Singapore Airlines A380 with the latest cabin products, 4 days per week from June, then daily from August.

Here’s a copy of the proposed schedule rollout. Please note that after 5th April 2018, dates are provisional and subject to change.

Current Schedule
Day From SIN
Flt No/Time/Dest
Flt No/Time/Orig
All SQ221/2040/SYD SQ232/1215/SYD
From 16th February 2018 (confirmed)

3 x weekly LHR and 4 x weekly HKG added