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Singapore Airlines Fleet: March 2020

SQ Tails (TK Kurikawa SS)

Welcome to our March 2020 Singapore Airlines fleet update. This month a brand new Airbus A350 Regional joined the fleet, for a few hours at least. Passengers on its inaugural flight were treated to a lap of the Java Sea before landing back in Singapore 5 hours later, due to a technical problem, and the aircraft has not flown since.

In other news the damaged A330, which suffered a tail strike in Yangon late last year, is still nowhere to be seen, we learned that SIA will take delivery of at least 12 A350s in the financial year 2020/21 and a SilkAir Boeing 737-800 has stopped flying, potentially signalling the advent of flat-bed single-aisle Business Class seats in the coming months.


Headline numbers

Here are the Singapore Airlines passenger fleet totals at 8th March 2020.

CAAS Database: 132
For disposal: -5
In Service: 127
In maintenance: -4
Active: 123

The official registered aircraft data in combination with analysis of actual flight movements over the last few weeks allows us to determine the actual ‘in service’ fleet of 127 planes at 8th March 2020, 123 of which are currently active.

Click here to see the official CAAS list of registered aircraft in Singapore at 29th February 2020.

Singapore Airlines Fleet at 8th March 2020

This table shows the Singapore Airlines fleet including how many of each aircraft type are legally registered (‘Registered’), available to the airline (‘In Service’) and currently operating revenue passenger flights (‘Active’).

Registered In Service Active
(full details)