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SIA passengers from London and three other European cities can now transit at Changi

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and London are added to the list of cities SIA Group passengers can begin their journeys and transit through Changi

London (SS)

It’s been a busy month of news when it comes to transit passengers through Singapore Changi Airport, with SIA Group airlines first gaining approval to start accepting passengers on connecting itineraries earlier in the month, followed by an extension to the (initially limited) list of eligible origin points.

Today Singapore Airlines has announced a further increase in the list of eligible origin cities, with some useful long-haul additions now in the mix.


Some European cities are now approved

Effective from Monday 29th June 2020, passengers flying on Singapore Airlines originating in the following cities are now also eligible to transit through Changi:

  • Amsterdam
  • Copenhagen
  • Frankfurt
  • London

That means itineraries from the following 19 cities are eligible to book and transit through Changi on an SIA group booking, subject to the immigration requirements of their final destination:

Valid Origin Points: SIA Group
(for transit through Changi)
City Airline
Australia Adelaide Kris Yellow
Brisbane Kris Yellow
Melbourne Kris Yellow
Perth TZtrans
Sydney Kris Yellow
China Chongqing Silk Bird Green
Guangzhou TZtrans
Hong Kong Kris Yellow TZtrans
Shanghai Kris Yellow
Taipei TZtrans
Denmark Copenhagen Kris Yellow
Germany Frankfurt Kris Yellow
Japan Osaka Kris Yellow
Tokyo Kris Yellow
Netherlands Amsterdam Kris Yellow
New Zealand Auckland Kris Yellow