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Changi Airport sees 97% monthly passenger increase in June 2020

Changi Airport passenger traffic doubled month-on-month from a May 2020 'low point', though it remains 99% down on usual levels

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May 2020 certainly went down in history as Changi Airport’s worst ever month, with only 24,500 passengers – equivalent to less than 800 each day. The airport will no doubt be pleased to see the first uptick since COVID-19 took hold, with June 2020 data released today showing a 97% monthly increase to 48,200 passengers.

That’s still a very low 1,600 per day through the airport’s remaining two operating terminals, however, a fraction of the usual 190,000 passengers per day based on June 2019 data and equivalent to a 99.2% drop.

Air freight was down 31% on normal levels in June 2020, its best performance in three months, with a 9% increase compared to May 2020.

Total aircraft takeoffs and landings, including both passenger and freight flights, also increased by 7% since May, but remained 85% lower than usual.


Passenger totals

Here’s how the number of passengers passing through Changi Airport looked so far in 2020 compared to the same months in 2019.

Changi Airport
Passenger totals
(x 1,000)
(x 1,000)
January 5,660 5,950 increase 5.2%
February 5,130 3,450