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Singapore Airlines Fleet & Storage Report: June 2020

Parked Aircraft (SS)

This month Singapore Airlines began to ramp up its passenger flying programme for the first time since early April 2020, while at the same time continuing to increase its cargo-only operations using passenger aircraft, necessitating reactivation of a number of Airbus A350s.

Despite the increased activity, the airline seems to be reducing its use of the less efficient Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft types, though all 15 of its Boeing 787-10s remain in regular operation.

Overall, less than half the fleet remains flying, with the airline keeping 61 Airbus A350s, Boeing 777-300 / -300ERs and Boeing 787-10s active over the last few weeks. Five SIA aircraft types remain firmly out of service, including all Airbus A330s and Airbus A380s.


Headline numbers

Here are the Singapore Airlines passenger fleet totals at 20th June 2020.

CAAS Database: 130
For disposal: -3
In Service: 127
In maintenance / stored: -66
Active: 61

The official registered aircraft data in combination with analysis of actual flight movements over the last few weeks allows us to determine the actual ‘in service’ fleet (available to the airline) of 127 planes at 20th June 2020, 61 of which are currently active.

Click here to see the official CAAS list of registered aircraft in Singapore at 31st May 2020.


Singapore Airlines Fleet at 20th June 2020

This table shows the Singapore Airlines fleet including how many of each aircraft type are legally registered (‘Registered’), available to the airline (‘In Service’) and currently operating revenue passenger or cargo flights (‘Active’).

Registered In Service Active