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Singapore Airlines Fleet: February 2020

SQ Tails at T3 (Alen Thien SS)

Since our last monthly fleet update, three more of SIA’s Boeing 777-200/-200ERs have ceased flying for the airline, while two brand new Airbus A350 Regional jets have been delivered and entered service, further cementing the 2018 Regional Business Class seat into the airline’s route network on flights of up to 8 hours from Singapore.

Just a year ago the new direct aisle access 2018 seat made up only 28% of Business Class seat types in the regional fleet, a total that has jumped to 66% this month. With more Airbus A330s and older Boeing 777s leaving the fleet this year, it won’t be long before we can finally say farewell to the 2009 Regional Business Class product.

Looking forward to the rest of 2020, 14 new aircraft will be joining the fleet, including four A350 Regionals and three 787-10s.


Headline numbers

Here are the Singapore Airlines passenger fleet totals at 12th February 2020.

CAAS Database: 134
For disposal: -7
In Service: 127
In maintenance: -6
Active: 121

The official registered aircraft data in combination with analysis of actual flight movements over the last few weeks allows us to determine the actual ‘in service’ fleet of 127 planes at 12th February 2020, 121 of which are currently active.

Click here to see the official CAAS list of registered aircraft in Singapore at 31st January 2020.

Singapore Airlines Fleet at 12th February 2020

This table shows the Singapore Airlines fleet including how many of each aircraft type are legally registered (‘Registered’), available to the airline (‘In Service’) and currently operating revenue passenger flights (‘Active’).

Registered In Service Active
(full details)
12 9 8
(full details)
26 26 25
A350-900 Regional
(full details)
14 14 14
A350-900 ULR
(full details)
7 7 7
A380-800 v1
(full details)
6 6 5
A380-800 v2
(full details)
6 6 5
A380-800 v3
(full details)
7 7 7
(full details)
5 1 1
(full details)
4 4 4
(full details)
5 5 5
(full details)
27 27 25
(full details)
15 15 15
Total 134 127 121

Correct at 12th February 2020.

Differences between registered, in service and active aircraft in the table:

No longer in service (but still legally registered)

  • A330-300 9V-STQ has already stopped flying for return to lessor. The aircraft performed a flight test on 7th December 2019. Onward operator is Air Canada.
  • A330-300 9V-STZ flew to Paya Lebar for return to lessor on 20th November 2019. Onward operator is Hi Fly Malta.
  • A330-300 9V-SSA has already stopped flying for return to lessor. A test flight was conducted on 21st January 2020 in all-white livery. Onward operator unknown.
  • 777-200 9V-SQJ has already stopped flying for disposal.
  • 777-200 9V-SQL has already stopped flying for disposal.
  • 777-200 9V-SQM has already stopped flying for disposal.
  • 777-200 9V-SRM has already stopped flying for disposal.
STQ to AC (Dillon Chong).jpg
More A330s are leaving the fleet – including 9V-STQ, pictured here returning from a test flight in the livery of its onward operator, Air Canada. (Photo: Dillon Chong)

Additional to the above, not currently active

  • A330-300 9V-SSI had a landing accident in Yangon on 25th November 2019. It was ferried empty to Singapore on 14th December 2019 and remains grounded undergoing repairs.
  • A350-900 9V-SMK is undergoing maintenance in Singapore.
  • A380-800 v1 9V-SKH is undergoing maintenance in Singapore.
  • A380-800 v2 9V-SKN is undergoing maintenance and probably cabin refit in Singapore.
  • 777-300ER 9V-SWM is undergoing maintenance in Singapore.
  • 777-300ER 9V-SWW is undergoing maintenance in Singapore.

Changes since our last update

Since January 2020 (and since the CAAS database at 31st December 2019) the following changes have been recorded:

Airbus A330-300

  • 9V-SSE, which was struck by a ground vehicle while preparing for a flight to Bangkok on 5th January 2020 and subsequently required a new forward cargo door to be installed, returned to service on 21st January 2020 to Kuala Lumpur.
  • The registered A330 fleet stands at 12 aircraft, with 9 in service and 8 active.

Airbus A350-900

  • 9V-SMK entered routine maintenance at Changi on 3rd February 2020 after a flight from Melbourne.
  • Currently 26 aircraft registered, 25 of which are active.

Airbus A350-900 Regional

  • 9V-SHM was delivered on 23rd January 2020. It entered commercial service on 30th January 2020 to Brisbane.
  • 9V-SHN was delivered on 1st February 2020. It entered commercial service on 8th February 2020 to Brisbane.
  • Currently 14 aircraft registered, all of which are active.

Airbus A350-900 ULR

  • No changes, with 7 aircraft registered and active.

Airbus A380

  • 9V-SKH entered routine maintenance at Changi on 6th February 2020 after a flight from Frankfurt.
  • 9V-SKM, in maintenance since early January, re-entered service to Sydney on 10th February 2020.
  • Currently 19 aircraft registered and 17 active.

Boeing 777-200

  • 9V-SQM stopped flying on 31st December 2019 after a flight from Bangkok. It is for disposal.
  • 9V-SRM stopped flying on 13th January 2020 after a flight from Bali. It is for disposal.
  • Currently 5 aircraft registered with just 1 remaining aircraft active (9V-SQN).

Boeing 777-200ER

  • 9V-SVE entered routine maintenance on 19th January 2020 after a flight from Ho Chi Minh, and returned to service today (12th February 2020) to Bangkok.
  • Currently 4 aircraft registered, all of which are active.

Boeing 777-300

  • No changes, with 5 aircraft registered and active.

Boeing 777-300ER

  • 9V-SWA, in maintenance since early December, re-entered service to Shanghai on 17th January 2020.
  • 9V-SWM entered routine maintenance at Changi on 3rd February 2020 after a flight from Auckland.
  • 9V-SWW entered routine maintenance at Changi on 17th January 2020 after a flight from Auckland.
  • Currently 27 aircraft registered, with 25 active.

Boeing 787-10

  • No changes, with 15 aircraft registered and active.

Upcoming fleet changes

Here’s how the current in service fleet looks in comparison to the published fleet development plan, set for the end of the current financial year on 31st March 2020.

Aircraft Type Passenger Fleet Totals
12 Feb ’20 Leaving Joining 31 Mar ’20
A330-300 9 – 1 8
A350-900 26 26
A350-900 Regional 14 + 1 15
A350-900 ULR 7 7
A380-800 19 19
777-200 1 1
777-200ER 4 – 1 3
777-300 5 5
777-300ER 27 27
787-10 15 15
All Types 127 – 2 + 1 126

The fleet development plan is subject to change.

As you’d expect at this stage, we’re nearly there with only one A330 (likely 9V-SSB) and one 777-200ER set to depart, plus one more A350 Regional to arrive (9V-SHO) between now and the end of SIA’s current financial year on 31st March 2020.

It’s still unclear how long the remaining Boeing 777-200 (9V-SQN) and trio of Boeing 777-200ERs will stay in the fleet after 31st March 2020. We may have to wait until the next fleet development plan is published in May to find out, though we expect many if not all of these aircraft could easily have been retired by then.


The 2018 seats now dominate Regional Business Class

The latest A350 Regional deliveries have pushed the new 2018 flat-bed Stelia seats to a 66% share of Regional Business Class across the airline, with 1,100 of these now fitted at the time of writing (out of 1,658 Regional Business Class seats in service).

A350R J Class (MM)
The latest 2018 Regional Business Class seats now dominate on SIA’s shorter routes. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

There are now only four routes on the SIA network where the older 2009 angle-flat seats are the only available option in Business Class:

  • Brunei
  • Busan
  • Surabaya
  • Yangon

9V-SSI is still under repair

It’s been some time now since SIA’s newest A330, 9V-SSI, suffered a landing accident in Yangon when the tail of the aircraft contacted the runway during landing.

The aircraft has been back in Singapore undergoing repairs for two months, but has yet to re-enter service or even conduct a test flight, suggesting the damage was substantial.

9V-SKN is almost certainly getting the new A380 cabin products

As we noted in our November 2019 fleet update, Airbus A380 9V-SKN entered maintenance at Changi in mid-October 2019.

Now out of service for four months, and with another A380 refit due to enter service by 1st July 2020 to support the introduction of these new seats on the daily Paris flight, it looks increasingly likely that SKN will become the third aircraft to be refitted and the eighth (of 19) to sport the 2017 cabins.

The new cabins include ‘double bed’ options at the middle seat pairs in Business Class. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

As we’ve said before, the original plan to finish the retrofit work to all 14 older A380 aircraft by the end of 2020 is now completely impossible.

We suspect that at least four of the airline’s A380 fleet (those leased rather than owned) will never see the new cabins, and instead be returned to their lessors in the same way 9V-SKA to – SKE were in 2017/18.

You can see a full list of where Singapore Airlines is deploying its new A380 Version 3 aircraft with the latest cabin configurations at our dedicated tracker page.


New A350 deliveries

Only one more delivery is scheduled for this financial year, A350 Regional 9V-SHO, which should deliver in late February 2020.

There will be 10 new Airbus A350 aircraft delivered to SIA in the July – December 2020 period. The first three aircraft have been confirmed as regional variants:

  • A350 Regional 9V-SHP: Approx. Jul 2020 (msn 436)
  • A350 Regional 9V-SHQ: Approx. Jul 2020 (msn 439)
  • A350 Regional 9V-SHR: Approx. Aug 2020 (msn 445)

Beyond that Singapore Airlines has secured production and delivery slots for seven additional A350s this year (configuration to be confirmed) with approximate delivery in:

  • Aug 2020 (msn 447)
  • Sep 2020 (x2, msns 460, 464)
  • Oct 2020 (x2, msns 469, 472)
  • Nov 2020 (msn 475)
  • Dec 2020 (msn 485)

We expect some of these will be in 3-class long-haul configuration, with the recent announcement resurrecting the Brussels route using this layout, plus more San Francisco flights switching to the 3-class model from late October 2020.

SQ A350 (Chung ChengYen)
More A350s in 3-class configuration, continuing the -SJ registration series, should be arriving this year. (Photo: Chung ChengYen)

Once we know the assigned registrations for the upcoming A350s that should give us a clear picture of their intended cabin configuration, so do check our monthly updates for the latest information.

New 787-10 deliveries

We’ll be waiting until May this year to see the next Boeing 787-10, when the airline’s 16th example 9V-SCP should arrive in Singapore.

Thanks to 787 Blogger we can also now predict the next two 787-10 deliveries in 2020:

  • 787-10 9V-SCQ: Approx. Sep/Oct 2020
  • 787-10 9V-SCR: Approx. Oct/Nov 2020
SQ B78X 2 (Alex Wilson)
New Boeing 787-10s are arriving in the Singapore Airlines fleet much more slowly than A350 Regionals in 2020. (Photo: Alex Wilson)

The 787-10s are still arriving at a much slower pace than the A350s, and these three deliveries listed above may be the only new ones arriving for the rest of this year.

Indeed by approximately July / August 2020, the A350 Regional fleet will eclipse the Boeing 787-10 fleet (17 A350Rs vs. 16 787-10s), though this situation should reverse in future once SIA continues to take delivery of its full order of 44 Dreamliners.


Full details

As always you can see full details of each aircraft type in the Singapore Airlines fleet at the following links, including aircraft registrations specific to each configuration.

If the seat types and routes interest you more – see our Seats Guide.

You can also check our tracker pages for the new 2017 A380 cabin products and 2018 Regional cabin products, outlining the flights they are planned to operate across the network:

We also list the planned seat types for every Singapore Airlines service by flight number, so you can choose your next trip with confidence. It’s currently up to date through to the end of October 2020:

First Class seat types by route and flight number
Business Class seat types by route and flight number

Stay tuned for the next fleet update in March 2020.

As always, thanks to AIB Family Flights and 787 Blogger for their tireless work, which greatly assists our monthly updates.

(Cover Photo: Alen Thien / Shutterstock)



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